The Purpose of this SKETCHBOOK
to help me improve my art by focusing my efforts on exercise and exploration
of line art, layout, style, and storytelling.

The Few Rules of this SKETCHBOOK:
- 1. Mistakes are welcome. The biggest block for an artist is the fear of making mistakes, thus I WILL freely make mistakes here! I WILL NOT be afraid to screw up! I will just draw! DRAW!
- 2. Black line art only. In the form of whatever black pen or marker I use will be in this sketchbook. Although pencil sketching is okay as a guide, it will not be the final drawing. Pencil will be erased, be gone!
- 3. No computer manipulation allowed. After images are scanned, they can only be cleaned up using digital tools. Cleaned up, but not altered in any way beyond that.
- 4. NO STARTING on new page until the current one is complete. No going back to incomplete pages! This will help me actually finish stuff before moving on to something else.
- 5. Pages don't have to be drawn in the order they should be read. They will be posted in logical order, but in my sketchbook they can be all over the place. Storylines split here and there, and may not be continued for many pages.

- 6. Anything goes. This sketchbook is an experiment and I will experiment with different ways of expressing my ideas.


The SKETCHBOOK updates schedule:
Beginning Monday, there will be at least 3 updates in a row every week. The number of updates a week will depend on how much stuff I think goes together. So the schedule is basically Mondays through Wednesdays and beyond.