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Entry posted on 07-13-2006
Part 4 of 4

So I got both jobs I interviewed for. One was designing a logo, and the other was making illustrations for a children's book. Both jobs ended up being a pain in the ass.

The logo job actually paid and worked out okay, but the logo I was asked to design was just horrible. The client had this idea of what logo should be, and it had way too many elements and colors. It sucked, and I would be embarrased to say I designed it. Working for this guy turned out to be a little frustrating though, because even though he had a tight deadline, he just didn't feel like getting back to me by email. I ended up having to drive 45 minutes just so he could spend 3 minutes with me and point at the logo choice he liked.

The children's book illustrator job could have been fun, but the woman-writer that wanted me to work for her basically expected me to work damn hard on highly detailed illustrations and pay me nothing. This woman had no prior experience and I don't think she did her research correctly. She had some cute stories, so it would be neat if she could find someone to illustrate it for them.. but it's not gonna be me.

In the end, even though both clients were not all that awesome to deal with, I gained some valuable freelance experience, me thinks. If any of you do freelance art/design, watch out for people who will try to use you up. If something feels wrong, just don't take the job. Whether clients don't realize how much art/design job is really worth, or just simply try to cheat you, people generally don't like to pay you much. Do your own research. Don't cut yourself short, even if you are desperate for experience. Better to do some charity/valunteer work than be used up and sucked by clientvampires.